Top 5 Best Foods to Build Muscle

Top 5 Best Foods to Build Muscle

Adding proteins to your diet is the best way to enhance muscle strength apart from Protein Supplements. The body builds muscle and recovers twenty four hours a day. Foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates can give the body the fuel it needs to build muscle, promote quick recovery, boost immunity, and replenishes glycogen and burns fat all of which are important during strenuous workouts.

Top 5 Best Foods to Build Muscle

This article will discuss 5 foods that are ideal for supporting muscle growth and development. After every weight lifting session, you should be thinking about consuming high quality carbohydrates, not just protein.

In addition to restoring glycogen levels in the muscle tissue that was lost performing the exercise routine, the carbohydrates will also provide a healthy boost to your insulin, the hormone that acts as a vehicle to bring amino acids directly to your muscles.

Foods that Help in Muscle Growth and Development

Below are five foods that will assist in promoting gains in lean muscle tissue development.

1. Whole Grain Pita with Hummus

  • This is an excellent combination of proteins and unrefined carbohydrates that will deliver a wide array of amino acids.
  • it’s a great post-workout snack with plenty of protein that even vegetarians can consume.
  • Hummus, which is essentially a thick, coarse spread made from chick-peas, delivers plenty of carbohydrates and protein and is available in a wide variety of flavors.

2. Nut and Dried Fruits

  • Nuts and dried fruits is an ideal snack for strength trainers who don’t have time to prepare a meal immediately after a trip to the gym.
  • The nuts provide the protein, while the fruits deliver simple carbohydrates.
  • However, simple carbohydrates are acceptable following an intense workout since they’re easily digested and provide a quick dose of glycogen to your muscles, expediting the recovery process.

3. Milk and Cereal

  • Combination of cereal and milk is an ideal post-workout snack that can provide similar nutrition to a sports recovery drink while helping to satisfy your hunger.
  • Stay away from sugary cereals and instead stick to whole grain varieties, which typically pack a wider array of crucial vitamins and minerals in addition to carbohydrates and even protein.
  • Pair it with non-fat milk, which provides additional protein and digests easily.

4. Fruit Smoothie

  • In a blender or food processor, start with a base of low-fat yogurt, skim milk and whey protein powder.
  • A number of fruits go well with bananas, which help to make the smoothie more filling and provide a large dose of potassium.
  • Popular choices include melons, mangoes, peaches and berries.
  • Add vegetables, such as carrot juice, to give your snack an even broader nutritional profile.
  • The addition of low-fat granola can even turn your fruit smoothie into a complete meal.

5. Spinach Omelette

  •  Eggs have the highest biological value and the most easily usable proteins of any whole food.
  • There’s no other food that allows your muscles to grow as efficiently as eggs.
  • When combined with spinach, you have something approaching a post-strength training super-meal.
  • Spinach is packed with iron, and it also contains a large dose of phytoecdysteroids, all-natural plant steroids that have been scientifically proven to accelerate muscle growth.
  • Beat a couple of eggs with skim milk, pour over lightly sautéed spinach and cook until the egg sets to create a complete meal in a matter of minutes.


Foods that are traditionally considered breakfast staples, such as spinach omelets and milk and cereal, pack an awesome punch for fueling muscle growth and development after weight training. Your preference for sweet or salty might dictate your choice in other workout recovery snacks, including whole grain pita with hummus or a fruit smoothie.

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