Top 10 Tips On How To Poop Better

Top 10 Tips On How To Poop Better
Top 10 Tips On How To Poop Better

Constipation is a common complaint that often results from the diet and lifestyle. Eating certain foods can help to improve the frequency of bowel movements.

The medical community defines constipation as a reduction in bowel movements or difficulty passing stools.

People who are constipated may have:

  • hard, dry, or lumpy stools
  • stools that look like small stones or marbles
  • pain and discomfort during bowel movements
  • a feeling of being unable to empty the bowels fully
  • a loss of appetite due to a continual sense of fullness
  • a slightly swollen belly


Better tips How to Poop Better every time and every day.


1.Balanced Diet

10 Tips On How To Poop Better

  • You must have a good and healthy diet food like eat leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, etc.
  • Soak some grains before eating them. Nuts and seeds are difficult to digest for some people.
  • Many people want more fats, and you can get it from most of the things like Avocados, Olives, Raw butter, Coconut oil, and nuts.
  • You must have Ample enough protein from sources like Eggs, Organic Dairy, Fish, pastured and organic meats.
  • These sources keep your muscles strong.

Natural and Healthy Food Sources

  • Have food with Probiotic and prebiotic features. It is food and fertilizer for gut bacteria. If you want to get rid of not having poop properly then eat natural food. Must drink coconut water this helps to get rid of constipation and other digestive problems. Eat leafy vegetables and berries that can make you feel better.
  • Fibers-Eat healthy fibers in every meal. Eat food like cauliflower, avocado, berries. This food contains fibrous food. Fiber is good for our digestive system and also for blood circulation. It helps to bring out the waste from our body, and it is also food for gut bacteria. If you eat fiber, it pushes you to poop out easily and smoothly.
  • Spices-Boiled food is healthy, but the spiced up food sometimes can play a better role as well. You must add a bit of spice to it like turmeric, black pepper, ginger, rosemary, coriander, cloves, cumin, etc. into your meal. These spices can help you to get better poop. If you drink tea add ginger in it and have. Likewise, add spices to your food this leads to good digestion of food.
  • Herbs-Herbs can keep your body healthy for a longer period. Certain herbs and spices properly nourish the organs of digestion and elimination, such as the liver, kidneys, and stomach. They improve overall breakdown and assimilation of food and can dislodge the waste that clings to your intestinal walls. Regularly add these herbs to your meal, smoothies, teas, slow-cooked dishes, and salads daily.


  • Water has the power of moving things in our body system and it also liquifies the food material.
  • Hydration is a must and is important for us. Science says people who drink lots of water they do not suffer more from constipation.
  • Large intestine needs fluids to form stool. So make sure you drink more water in full day so you can poop easily.
  • Daily you must drink minimum of 2 liters of water daily.

3.Daily Routine

  •  Every day makes time to poop. It’s good if you poop every morning.
  • And make a habit of pooping every day at the same time. Many of us won’t take much time to poop, but it’s better than having constipation.
  • Try to reduce your stress, and read magazine and newspapers in the toilet.
  • By pooping daily at the same time helps you to get relief from pooping.

4.Yoga and exercise

10 Tips On How To Poop Better

  • Yoga is important for our body and is helpful for us in many ways like fitness, blood circulation, releases stress, etc.
  • Yoga and exercise helps in improving organs, bones, joints, and many other things. By keeping certain things managerially, yoga helps to poop you better.

4.Poop Position

10 Tips On How To Poop Better

  • Sitting on the pot is not the best position for pooping. We need a proper biologically position of pooping it out.
  • If someone sits on a toilet to eliminate, the rectum is forced into a kinked position and it can cause us to strain to remove out.
  • This straining exerts pressure on the anal and rectal veins, which can contribute to hemorrhoids, bowel herniation and other illnesses associated with the lower digestive tract, which sometimes can be harmful also. So we should be better aware of the best- sitting positions to poop.


Good toilet position is good for  bowel movements which require food, fluids, and calm to create a more comfortable experience. If you try these tips, and your symptoms aren’t getting better, speak with a doctor. There are lots of medicines and approaches that can help you enhance your intestinal health.



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