Dubai does it again:a woman is shown willingly eating a man’s feces for fun

 Dubai does it again:a woman is shown willingly eating a man's feces for fun
Dubai does it again:a woman is shown willingly eating a man’s feces for fun

Just as social media was attempting to heal and come to terms with shocking revelations about the extent to which women in Dubai are subjected to dehumanizing and degrading sexual treatment, another video circulated online showing yet another perspective on the nitty-gritty Dubai Porta Potty stories.

A video of an African woman said to be in Dubai is currently spreading on the internet, showing her casually ingesting human excrement while being recorded.

The woman who was spotted traveling at high speed in the deserts with an Arab male and seems to enjoy herself later recorded herself disdainfully eating on human feces. She appears to adore pooping.

Despite the fact that the footage didn’t show much of what was going on. According to unconfirmed allegations, she was eating the feces of the Arab man she was cruising with in the desert.

Sensitive viewers are advised to watch with caution the below video.


Since then, the video has prompted debate on the lengths to which women and men will go to satisfy their sexual desires. Other arguments include women’s willingness to participate in these demeaning activities in response to the purported sexual exploitation narratives that have become synonymous with Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates has become the latest haven for wealthy men and wealth-seeking women. Along the way it has gained considerable notoriety for the dehumanising things rich men do to women, particularly black and African women who go there in search of greener pastures.

A few weeks ago, an undated video titled Dubai Porta Potty made rounds on social media. It showed a black woman lying on her back while a white male defecated on her open mouth.

These are just a few of the bizarre sexual fantasies and BDSM sexual practices supposedly available to wealthy males in Dubai.

Angolan retired blesser Serge Cabonge engaged in an explosive tell-all interview with MacG on the legendary South African podcast, Podcast And Chill With Mac G, confirming that such things actually happen in Dubai. He made the outrageous claim that he and some of his wealthy buddies used to playfully poo on women’s faces.

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