Urine Color Health:What Your Urine Color Says About Your Health And What You Should Do

Doctors usually refer to the standard color of your urine as “urochrome.” Urine naturally carries a yellow pigment. When you’re staying hydrated, your urine will be a light yellow, close-to-clear color. If you’re getting dehydrated, you’ll notice that your urine is becoming a deep amber or even light brown.

Urine Color Health
What your urine color says about your health and what you should do.
Is your urine color listed here?
  • 1. Clear
  • 2. Light yellow
  • 3. Dark yellow
  • 4. Light pink/bright red
  • 5. Dark brown
  • 6. Green/blue
  • 7. Orange
  • 8. Purple
  • 9. Cloudy or murky?  then this is for you..

  You should be concerned if the color of your pee is significantly abnormal.

Urine color often depends on 5 things:

  1. • what you eat
  2. • the medications you’re taking
  3. • how much water your drink
  4.    disease conditions, &
  5. • exercise


Urine Color Health:What Your Urine Color Says About Your Health And What You Should Do

Urine Color Health

1.Clear urine (clear as sweat)

It means you might have: • Taken excess fluids (over-hydration).So you need to drink a little less. Although hydration is good, drinking excess water when you are already well-hydrated can make you lose electrolytes from your body.

2.Light yellow/amber urine

It means you might have: • Drunk enough water and your body is well-hydratedThis is the normal color of the pee of most healthy individuals. Continue drinking water at the current amount. No need to increase or decrease.

3.Dark yellow urine

It means you might have: • Taken excess B vitamins • Been dehydrated e.g. when more than 8 hours have passed since your last drink of water.Drink some water, consider limiting dehydrating foods and drinks, and check the medications you’re talking.

4.Light pink/bright red urine

It means you might have: • Eaten reddish foods e.g blueberries • Taken pills e.g Rifampicin • Blood in your pee (haematuria) due to – prostate problems – kidney stones – cancer of the bladder or kidney, etc Kindly see your doctor for possible evaluation

5.Dark brown or colored urine

It means you might have: • Severe dehydration • Done excess exercise • Taken some drugs like phenytoin, Flagyl, chloroquine, etc • Eaten fava beans, aloe, or rhubarb • Some liver or kidney problems Drink lots of water and see your doctor

6.Green/blue urine

It means you might have: • Taken dyes • Taken drugs like phenols • Blue diaper syndrome (familial benign hypercalcemia) a disorder in which the children have blue urine. • Infection with the germ Pseudomonas aeruginosa. See a doctor for possible checks.

7.Orange urine

It means you might have: • Been dehydrated • Taken multivitamins • Eaten yellowish foods e.g. carrots • Urinary infection (UTI) • If you have light-colored stool too, it may indicate a problem with your liver or bile. Drink water and see your doctor for checks

8:Purple urine:

This might be due to a medical condition called Porphyria. Cloudy or murky urine: might be due to urinary tract infections. In both cases, see your doctor for a proper medical check-up.

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